Unabducted: Iran says a missing Iranian nuclear scientist, who Tehran claims was abducted by the U.S., has taken refuge at the Pakistani embassy in Washington and is asking to return to his homeland.

U.S. Official: Says he's free to leave.

George Steinbrenner: Dead from massive heart attack. He was once suspended from the MLB for illegal campaign contributions to Nixon. Reagan pardoned Steinbrenner as one of his last acts.

BP Trying Another Thing!: "If the pressure testing of the integrity of the well is successful, it will be kept "shut in" and the leak effectively stopped."

Jerks!: Orcas seen attacking the gray whale that keeps beaching itself around the Puget Sound.

Michael Kundu: Resigned.

Carp (Not the Band): Hundreds of them dead on Long Lake in Spokane.

Gas Can and a Lighter: Alleged assault weapons.

Nineteen-year-old Jailed: Accused of causing permanent brain damage to his 2-month-old son in Olympia.

Too Much Acid: "The acidity has risen so much in parts of Puget Sound that it has become lethal to shellfish larvae, report scientists from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Washington."