According to Politico, a conservative group called the American Action Network is about to cover Washington State with $750,000 worth of this ad attacking Democratic Senator Patty Murray:

It's an attempt at taking Murray's old "mom in tennis shoes" branding and turning it against her, accusing her of these days using her dirty tennis shoes to walk all over the backs of small business owners. (And it comes paired with a web site,

Murray's campaign tells me it will have a response shortly. But while they work on that, Murray spokesperson Alex Glass tells me that Patty Murray—shown in the above commercial causing people to wince in pain by walking on their backs—is, as anyone who's been at an event with her can confirm, only 5 feet tall.

Also this morning, the campaign of Dino Rossi is piling on by issuing a statement that calls on Murray to "demand that Congress immediately enact policies which will help small businesses in Washington State grow so that they can put people in our state back to work."

What, specifically, would Rossi like Murray to do to help small business owners? His campaign statement, which links to this FOX News article, is calling on her to extend the Bush tax cuts.