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Laugh till it hurts at this outrageous camp comedy the NYTimes calls “Wickedly funny!”

That's right, it was David Hedrick—proud Tea Party member and proud possessor of a concealed weapons permit—who brought his Kahr PM 9 to an endorsement interview at The Stranger offices yesterday morning.

In addition to his statements in the video above, Hedrick went on to say of his concealed weapon: "You never know when you're gonna need it."

Then, as an example, he told this story:

David Hedrick: I was at a movie once, actually. It was a child's movie, The Chronicles of Narnia actually—you wouldn't expect to need a weapon, ever. But, at the end of the movie a gentleman stood up about four rows in front of me and started screaming profanities, saying he was going to kill me. In my direction. Never seen him in my life, don't know if he was off his medication, don't know who he was. So, this is a great example. He was a huge guy, we're talking 350 pounds, this guy could have been a football player. Not a guy that I want to exchange blows with. And, this guy could have caused serious bodily harm. I don't know what his deal was, but that was a real threat. And that taught me a lesson there that day. I almost didn't carry my weapon on me because I thought, 'Hey, I'm going to a kids' movie, what are the odds?'

Eli Sanders: So did you pull out your concealed weapon at The Chronicles of Narnia?

Hedrick: No, I did not. I didn't have to. He actually had friends that were holding him, dragging him back, trying to stop him as he was coming in my direction. If he would have gotten to me I would have had no choice. This just gives you an example of—you never know. It's one of those situations where law abiding citizens have to be able to defend themselves because criminals could be—you know, it could potentially happen anywhere, even in a kids' movie.

There's already been a great debate today on Slog about concealed weapons and how people should feel about them. This change anyone's mind?

Originally posted Wednesday evening.