Lorna Jordans Waterworks Gardens Park, Renton
  • Lorna Jordan's Waterworks Gardens Park, Renton
Today we heard the NEA will fund yet another great idea by Kent arts administrator Cheryl dos Remedios:

The Kent Arts Commission has received a grant to develop and promote a bicycle tour of the Earthworks located in the Green River Valley. The bicycle tour will create an ecological and cultural connection between urban Seattle and 4 suburban municipalities. The tour includes the Herbert Bayer Earthworks and Green River Natural Resources Area, located in Kent; the Robert Morris Earthwork, located in Sea-Tac and owned by King County and managed by 4Culture; and Lorna Jordan's "Waterworks Gardens," located in Renton and owned by King County and managed by 4Culture.

The Kent Arts Commission is partnering with Cascade Bicycle Club on the planning and promotion of this eco-art tour. Due to the threat of flooding posed by the Howard Hanson Dam, sections of the Green River Trail have been closed to bicyclists. This NEA grant will allow us to provide an alternate route while highlighting artistic solutions to storm water management.

Dos Remedios hopes the route will be finished for a first ride in September 2011.