In a short press conference, Steve Jobs addressed the rising media shit storm surrounding what some have dubbed antennagate. An apparent design flaw in the new iPhone 4 results in loss of signal when gripped on the left side, most noticeably in areas with poor reception. Jobs began the conference by pointing out that every other smartphone sees a noticeable drop in signal strength when held a certain way. He then noted that only 1.7% of iPhone 4s have been returned comapared to 6% of 3GS returns during the same 22 day period. Jobs then admitted that the iPhone 4 does drop more calls than the 3GS but the data shows less than 1 more dropped call per 100 calls. After spending 10 minutes calling out other smartphones and providing data that seemed to imply the drama was much ado about nothing, Jobs offered a solution. Every person who purchased an iPhone 4 will receive a free bumper or can return their undamaged phone for a full refund. This will undoubtedly make some people happy while not being enough to please others. If you bought an iPhone 4 and want a free case, late next week you can order one on the Apple website and chose from several different styles. If you are completely unhappy with your phone, return it.

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