Lake Sammamish Shooting: Two dead and four injured after shots fired at Lake Sammamish Park.

Just Biden Being Biden: Election committee for gaffe-machine Joe Biden owes $219,000 for campaign violations in 2008 election.

Not Exactly San Francisco: Warsaw's version of a gay pride parade ("a clothed and orderly procession") encounters obscenities and hurled eggs.

Enough Having Fun: Obama returns to Washington after a ridiculously brief vacation in Maine. Oddly, major problems appear to resolve themselves in his absence.

Testing, Testing: Assessments of BP oil well and cap return positive results. Lack of new disaster or bad news almost puzzling.

The Cliché Violence in Iraq Line: At least 43 dead in suicide bombing.

Toll Time: Toll fighting mayor makes up, embraces idea of toll on I-5 between Oregon and Washington.

Pendulums Return to Macabre Ways: Girl, 15, dies in Spain after accident on amusement park ride “El Pendulo”.

Drowned: Teen drowns in Skykomish River after rafting accident.

Captured: FBI catch major drug lord driving in Puerto Rico with wig. They’re not fooled.

Right to Bear Arms: Appears to allow shooting burglary suspects in the buttocks with a hunting bow. Victim was “stalked” for three blocks.