I'll admit it: Sometimes I get lonely. It's a Friday night... everybody's busy... and I just want to be with somebody, ya know? So yeah, sometimes I hire a "brostitute." You know... when I want to really bro down with some bros. It's not like the ladies in my life want to talk about sports, or farting, or video games... and did I mention farting? I did? Oh, okay. Anyway, I'm not proud of it. And I'm not thrilled about the way some brostitutes are treated by their pimps, either.
For a sad example of bros forced to sell their bro-ness for money, check out this mockumentary trailer for "Brostitute" from Funny or Die. I gotta say I may never hire a brostitute again. (I had no idea Tim Roth was a pimp or such a dick!)