From the chronically brain-traumatized former linebacker/current pastor's latest editorial at World Net Daily, "Wake Up, Black America!":

I believe that multiculturalism has done more harm to America than any other individual issue since the first minority accused white people of prejudice toward them. The problem is what I have named the "Minority Thought Pattern," which is the total disdain and hatred of what God has accomplished through the white male throughout history.

The one thing I have learned about white people is that they have been duped for so long they can be discriminated against and think it is a privilege...Until whites stand up and say they are not going to take this anymore, this fact will never change. Here is what I'm talking about:

It is true that if you are white and want to adopt a white child in this country, the average cost is $35,000. If you are black and want to adopt a black child in this country, the average cost is $4,500 (unless you make over $150,000, and then you are put on what they call the sliding-scale fee). Adopting a child outside this country costs an average of $15,000. It seems to me that the white race is charged two and three times more than anyone else. They put up with this discrimination over and over again.

Dear every pro football player who every slammed into linebacker Hutcherson, making his brain the amazing thing it is today: Thank you.

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