I've never been the subject of an injunction before, but, apparently, I came close this week.

I'd filed a records request for the state's impact statement for the deep-bore tunnel earlier this month. The state wasn't planning to issue the draft results of its study until October, but since the city council is planning to vote on a contract with the state on the tunnel in the next month—and we don't know what the impact statement says about it—I thought this should go public before we make the decision. The records-keepers at the city agreed with me. But, as several sources confirmed, the state seriously considered filing a lawsuit over the past two weeks to block it.

"The Public Records Act was not intended to require that such 'works in progress' be made available to the public while a document is still being developed," wrote tunnel project coordinator for the state Ron Paananen in a letter to the city and state officials yesterday. "WSDOT simply believes that the document should be made complete before it is made public."

But the state acquiesced anyway.

"After consulting with the attorney general's office, we have decided we are not going to ask for any kind of injunction," Pannanen told me on the phone yesterday afternoon. "It does cause us some concern. Our concern is that they are not complete... It will be pretty close but there is still editing to do."

So now I've got it—all hundred million pages of it. But because it's so long and technical, I haven't gone through it yet. I'll post it as soon as I can.