Bethany writes in her column this week about the new pizza dive Big Mario's: "The good news is that Big Mario's pizza is actually good." It's true; I've eaten there three times in the last week. But a tiny quibble, Mario: If someone calls ahead to order a pizza to go because he's in a hurry, and then walks to your restaurant to pick it up and is told when he gets there, "There was a giant hole in it—we have to remake it," and then deals with his frustration by going into the bar and buying a beer and not complaining and being very patient while a new pizza cooks, it sorta sucks to then be charged full price for the pizza.

In other news, your pepperonis are fucking awesome. (They're those little pepperonis that curl up at the sides as the pizza cooks, creating little pepperoni cups, full of pepperoni juice.)