The guy who's been chaining himself to the White House fence in protest of DADT—and who is a West Point grad, fluent in Arabic, gutsy enough to voice opposition to bad military policy—was officially discharged today. You can look at the discharge paperwork here. It's so weird to see that phrase "he is a homosexual" in the sentence about why he's being discharged. It looks so archaic. It looks so 1967.


Here's a copy of Seattle magazine* from 1967. Note the exact same wording as in Choi's discharge letter: "He is a homosexual."


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* This iteration of Seattle magazine—well-written, provocative, literary, highly interested in sex and politics—was published from 1964 to 1970. It's unrelated to the Seattle magazine of today.)

UPDATE: Tim Appelo writes: "Actually, it's not totally true that the classic Seattle mag and the current one are utterly unrelated. The KING Broadcasting founders owned the right to call a magazine "Seattle" even after it closed in 1970. Harriet Bullitt's Pacific Northwest magazine at one point was considering naming itself Seattle, but went for a regional publication strategy. And when it sold, one of the things it sold was the right to call a magazine Seattle. Ownership has turned over since, and boy is it different. But there is a line of corporate descent. Not sure this calls for a correction, but that's the facts."