I'm longtime fan of the column and recent fan of the podcast. I'm based in South Africa, which in geographical terms is about as far removed from Seattle as is physically possible without leaving the planet. Listening to podcast 99, at the start you say that you have listeners in the US, Canada, Europe and, "strangely enough," Australia. I just wanted to tell you not to underestimate the size of your audience.

Also, since you seem to like listing countries where same-sex marriages have the thumbs up, you can add us to the list (apparently our title of "rainbow nation" has a dual meaning). You and your boyfriend could get married here and, if our polygamist president is anything to go by, the courts would probably give you the go-ahead to marry a small gay army.

Love the show,

A Fan In South Africa

Thanks for the note, AFISA. I am, of course, aware that gay marriage is legal in South Africa—props to your homeland, shame on mine. There was a lot of discussion about gay marriage being legal in South Africa—well, on gay blogs—during the 2010 World Cup finals. Gay marriage was legal in the host country, South Africa, and both of the countries that made it to the finals—Spain and, um, I actually don't remember now. Thanks for the note!