Fine, China: The 2008 crackdown on protesting Tibetans violated international law by beating, detaining, and fatally shooting civilians, says a report from Human Rights Watch.

In at least three cases, security officers fired live ammunition into crowds and killed people, the report said, citing eyewitness accounts. In several protests, security forces used batons or other weapons to beat unarmed protesters until they were bloody and motionless.

Fine, Libraries: Seattle libraries, trying to make up a budget shortfall, may increase fees for late books and DVDs from 15 cents a day to 25 cents a day, with a maximum charge of $8. Cue editorial in Seattle Times that this is a biblio-socialist attempt to balance the budget on the backs of taxpayers and it will hurt businesses!!!(!)

Poll Pot: Angus Reid Public Opinion poll finds that 52 percent of American adults support legalizing marijuana; 65 percent say the drug war has been a failure.

Tell the Cops: You can now report a crime while smoking pot.

Opening the Sherrodgate: Fired agriculture department official—who was wrongly fired over ginned up right-wing hysteria and then offered her job back—says she wants to speak directly to the president to get assurances that racial problems in the department will be fixed.

We're Number Eight: These are the states with the best benefits for lazy, do-nothing unemployed folk.

Earnings Up, Jobs Down: But stock market is on the rise.

Truer Words Have Never been Spoken: "I talk too much," says former Illinois Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

South Park Bridge: Murray earmarks $3 million for a new one.

The Environmental Impacts of the Tunnel: We have obtained the state's draft impact study (which wasn't due out until October) and posted it here.

The Political Impacts of the Tunnel: Council members who support its rickety financing plan are turning off most voters, who want to vote on the tunnel in a referendum. In contrast, the leading tunnel critic's opinion ratings are on the rise.

Cause Unknown: Two men hospitalized after escaping Ballard house fire.

That's All? Facebook sex addict admits to having sex with—egads!—50 men.

California Is Happy, New York Is Sad: Visualization of mood, as gleaned from Twitter posts: