Some days I am just so thankful that people exist and move around and talk and do stuff:

State elections officials narrowly rejected a Milwaukee Assembly candidate's attempt to run with the slogan "NOT the 'whiteman's bitch'" under her name on the ballot.

Ieshuh Griffin, a Milwaukee independent running to replace retiring Rep. Annette "Polly" Williams (D-Milwaukee), said in response she would sue the Government Accountability Board for infringing on her freedom of speech.

"I'm not making a derogatory statement toward an ethnic group. I'm stating what I'm not," Griffin told board members. "It's my constitutional right to freedom of speech."

In a related story, the Stranger editorial board still refuses to allow me to print "NOT A. Birch Steen's Belarussian Slave Wife" under my name on the masthead. (Because I'm not! I'm saying I'm NOT his slave wife. Get it? Jeez.)