The Masters School of Art in Clackamas, Ore., says:

Seattle Erotic Art Festival Presents: Auction Beltane! Join us May 1st for a sexy, delicious evening.
Tickets $15-$250. Aphrodesia delivery menu, incredible auction items, live streamed performances.

There has been a quiet infiltration of modernist philosophy in art education over the past century, eroding and replacing the techniques of master artists. By omitting the foundational techniques of the artistic discipline, artists are left without the ability to communicate their vision on canvas. Their only option is to create from what is already within them, and according to Christ the inner heart of man is dark. Something never comes from nothing, order never from disorder. If you are born without sight and touch, to create an image in the likeness of something you have never seen or felt is impossible.

...There is an inherent distortion of natural order and beauty that results from man's rebellion and self worship. Author G. K. Chesterton wrote, "Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere."

Please see the page showing the winners of the Spring 2010 Exhibit. Also worth a look is the portfolio of the school's cartooning instructor. It includes these:


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I was tipped to this by a fellow last name of Greenberg. Probably he wouldn't count, according to the Masters School, sporting a filthy Jewish name like that.

Oh, Northwest scare me.