Here's some old footage of the Berlin Wall accompanied by a soundtrack from the "Swedish Rhapsody" numbers station*.

Enjoy the ambient creepiness and the comic relief at 2:30.

Korby Sears, of Seattle School, might play a few transmissions from numbers stations next Thursday at the Hideout, as part of his "Incantation Soleil and Make-Out Party."

Since the sun has been so shy this summer (the people are still pasty, the bricks are still mossy, the corn is only as high as a grasshopper's eye), Sears has wrangled some musicians for a little incantatory magic. They'll try to woo the sun by playing "the greatest, most blissed-out, most refreshing, most ecstasy-inducing measure in the history of pop music": the first measure of “Time of The Season” by The Zombies. For two full hours.

Attendees are encouraged to neck and paw at each other to help arouse the sun. It might sound a little like this.

More weirdness about numbers stations—including currently active ones—here, including:

Name: 3-Note Oddity

Reported Activity: Active

Country: Hungary ?

Organization: Unknown

Language: German Female

Transmission Format:
Call for 5 Minutes of 3 rising notes, Achtung Achtung, message of 20 to 30 5-figure groups each group repeated, Ende Ende. Transmission then repeated.

The German female sounds as if she is shouting. Transmission quality is usually very poor. Quite often with loud hum on transmission. Frequencies used are between 3 and 5 Mhz. Changes frequency each Month. Transmits on Thursday and Sunday at 2105 and 2135. Second transmission 100 khz lower. Mode is AM.

*Numbers stations were (and are) probably for sending messages to spies and agents in the field—the "Swedish Rhapsody" station got its name from playing a little tinkly music as an interval signal between messages as recently as last year. (The music sounds more like the "Clowns That Are Hiding in Your Closet and Will Eat Your Face If You Fall Asleep Rhapsody.")