This fucker will eat your clothes.
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  • This fucker will eat your clothes.
Not only are moths disgusting and creepy, but they also eat your clothes! Which is why Graham has asked Questionland for some help in getting rid of the moth problem in his closet.

He writes:

This summer I seem to have inherited an annoying but not crippling moth problem. They're living in my closet predominantly (large, walk in, no light) but then will get to other parts of the house as well. They are all the same species, tiny (like the size of a cell phone camera lens) and light brown/tan in color. I want to get rid of these guys in a non-toxic non-mothball manor. Anyone have any tips? Or do I just have to wait until temps get freezing again?

Smarty pants asteria knew the answer; here's just an excerpt of what asteria had to say:

First you should take all your wool stuff to the dry cleaners (tell them you have a moth problem) or put them in a freezer to kill any larvae. Don't bring them back until you're sure the moths are gone, unless they are sealed in airtight bags. I used to work at a cleaners and if they try to sell you the cedar-infused plastic bags don't bother; they aren't really airtight and won't help if you have an infestation.

Removing the food source and doing a thorough clean is the best way to get rid of them - I think lavender sachets and cedar wood can help, but they won't completely repel hungry moths. Clean every little nook and cranny in your closets and dressers and thoroughly vacuum every little nook and cranny to make sure you get them all before bringing your clothes back.

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Sounds like a lot of work! Good thing Graham thanked asteria with a mushroom—now it has been chosen as this week's Answer of the Week and they both win a $25 gift card to Pagliacci Pizza! Free pizza should help soothe the pain of all the cleaning Graham is gonna have to do.

Congrats, smarties!