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Cupcakes get 'butch' with sweets for manly men
By Holly Yan, CNN

If masculinity could take the form of a 2-inch frosted cupcake, David Arrick would have the recipe. His New York cupcake company, Butch Bakery, is an anomaly in a world seemingly dominated by all things dainty and cute. Arrick refuses to serve the "frilly, pink-frosted, sprinkles-and-unicorns" variety. Instead, customers can proclaim their machismo with cakes made with beer, whiskey, bacon and crushed pretzels. "It was born out of necessity and a love of buttercream," Arrick said of his 9-month-old business.

Megan, our resident cupcake expert, says: "I've seen this. I have nothing to say about it because it's too fucking stupid for words."