If you’re looking to add a little intrigue to your next 3am munchies run, the Coupon Sherpa site has compiled a list of the secret menus for 24 restaurant chains.

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Some of the options are disappointingly staid (what more can Taco Bell do with meat, cheese, and a guac gun, anyway?), but check out the moxie of McDonalds, which offers up stuff like Chicken and Waffles (McChicken patty crammed into a McGriddle), the Pie McFlurry (exactly what it sounds like, tragically), and the notorious McGangBang (double cheeseburger with a McChicken in the middle). Any takers/survivors of a previous encounter?

Anecdote: When I was at the ’86 Vancouver Expo (yes, I’m old) I vividly remember ordering a Syrup McKrispy, which was … well, pretty much a McNugget with pancake innards. The big draw, however, was the inner core, which somehow consisted of a molten ball of syrup. (On the how-did-they-do-that scale, it beat Sea Monkeys all to hell.) Anybody else remember this thing? Google has failed me.

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