The most interesting thing about San Diego Comic-Con yesterday didn't happen in Comic-Con: It was a counter-protest against the Westboro Baptist Church, who were protesting the comic book and pop culture convention. You can see video here, and here are a few pictures (with many more at Bleeding Cool):


Also of note: Helen Mirren wore a t-shirt memorializing Harvey Pekar. (I'm sure he'd have something to say about being on Helen Mirren's chest.) It's such a sweet tribute that I will restrain myself from complaining about using the Comics Sans font on the shirt.

The Tron: Legacy trailer is out, and nerds are going nuts over it.

And Joss Whedon has finally confirmed that he is directing the Avengers movie, combining all the actors from the Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor movies. I have hope that this movie will not suck.