Prudes: Seattle police stop Naked Bike Ride. Appropriately, the ride is stopped in front of Dick’s and, equally appropriately, the ride organizer is named Johnson.

The Dam Did Break: This Iowa dam could have really used one of those $44 million appropriations for emergency repairs.

Pied Pipe-ress: Woman and three boys accused of robbing man downtown for cash. Suspects discovered with money and marijuana.

The Search Is On: For two US Navy sailors who went missing Friday. Taliban claim responsibility, say one is dead, one is captive.

Just A Tragedy: 19 dead at German Love Parade after tunnel stampede.

Copycats: Observing how much fun everyone had reforming the healthcare system in America, the English are considering an attempt at some reform of their own.

Wayward Hayward Might Not Carry On: Formal announcement on exit of BP chief expected within 24 hours.

Not The Ideal Client: Accused Seattle cop-killer agrees to talk with reporter against lawyer’s advice. Interview leads to profile piece in Seattle Times, while lawyer is left trying to get a subpoena for reporter’s notes

Big-Ass Battle Over Taxes: The debate (or “epic fight”) over extending the Bush tax cuts has begun, a process whose extended war metaphor has both sides “charting strategy” and Republicans “readying an arsenal.”

Truly the Heroes of the Day: Pigeons forced to listen to Kings of Leon respond as anyone put in that situation would be expected to: a well coordinated shit attack. Band flees like sissies.