Remember the shitstorm that ensued a few years back when the kinksters behind the Folsom Street Fair appropriated the "The Last Supper" for a weekend? Well, the Scientologists opened a new "church" in downtown Seattle today and they sent along a press release and enclosed this photo...


At some point in their short, ugly history, the Church of Scientology appropriated the cross—the motherfucking cross, the symbol of Christianity for two thousand years—without so much of a peep of protest from evangelicals, Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Bill Donohue, Rod Dreher, Tony Perkins, etc., etc. (I've pointed this out before, I realize, but I had to point it out again because... look at that damn picture!) How'd they get away with that?

But the cross isn't the only thing the Scientologists appropriated today: they also made off with a member of the Washington State Supreme Court. From the press release:

Acknowledging the Church for its many contributions to the community [at the opening ceremony] were Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, Washington State Representative Marilyn Chase, Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce President Dave Peterson, Seattle Neighborhood District Coordinator Christa Dumpys, and FEMA volunteer liaison Jo Ann Oram.

Justice Sanders spoke of working with the Church in the field of human rights, a partnership spanning nearly 35 years: “There is nothing more important in life than being true to yourself and standing up for what you believe. That is freedom, and that is what makes life worth living. And that, to me, is what you represent... The Church of Scientology is truly a leader when it comes to fighting for the civil rights of those subject to abuse by the so-called mental health laws and those that enforce them. And I respect your struggle to abolish coercive practices in the field of mental health and to restore human dignity and freedom to all people. I am proud of our accomplishments over the years, and I am especially proud for your significant accomplishment of opening this beautiful new Church.”

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