Donovan Rivers
  • Donovan Rivers
An enduring mystery of this year's Stranger primary endorsement process—spanning many weeks, many meetings, and many hours with some very bizarre people—is the claim by Donovan Rivers, candidate for Congress in the 7th District, that he is an archbishop.

I wondered: Archbishop of what?

All-star Stranger intern Logan Gowdey investigated and discovered the following:

Archbishop of...the organization he founded! The International All Clergy All Community Advisory Council, or IACACAC. He was the CEO, but his campaign manager said he has taken a leave of absence for his campaign. Apparently he decided to keep the honorific.

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The group looks like some kind of support network for African-American pastors, and is here, but it only lists him as a bishop. Guess he promoted himself for the voters.

The Archbishop is trying to unseat Seattle Congressman Jim McDermott. The Stranger's primary endorsement issue will be out this Wednesday.

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