What they're doing in Vancouver:

Over at Seattle Transit Blog, where I cribbed the video, Martin H Duke pokes fun at the macro argument against investing in non-car infrastructure. Folks in Vancouver, he says, "seem to get by fine with families in dense housing, no freeways through downtown, and rail transit. Yet opportunities to mimic just parts of Vancouver’s success bring predictions of doom and gridlock."

We should build dedicated two-way bike lanes here—right now. Take out a lane of parking, and maybe center turning lanes, in the city's main bicycle corridors. If nobody's using them in five years, go ahead, change it back. But the specter of some traffic boogieman that will suddenly manifest—as if the traffic isn't bad enough now—isn't a persuasive argument to, you know, block something that will let people travel without being part of the traffic problem. The sharrows we have now painted on roads that hug the space where car doors fly open and then disappear just as bikes approach a busy, confusing intersection are a joke.