Oregon Live has the whole awful story: An Oregon couple decided not to treat their infant daughter's eye problem with medical science, instead relying on prayer to save the child. The courts have removed their daughter, and the parents have been accused of criminal mistreatment.

Medical experts describe the eye problem as a hemangioma, a fast-growing mass of blood vessels. Normally the condition could be diagnosed and easily treated at the first signs of swelling or discoloration. Left untreated, the mass pushed Alayna's eye down and out, placing profound pressure on her eyeball and eye socket, as The Oregonian's Steve Mayes reported.

It's not clear whether Alayna will go blind in that eye or somehow recover. The only certain thing is that the Wylands deliberately withheld medical care, and admitted in court to doing so, from a baby whose injury was painfully obvious.

The photo of the child is heartbreaking, and the article suggests that more than twenty children affiliated with this church have died of treatable illnesses. (Via The Weasel King.)