On KUOW this morning I listened to the testimony of the union workers who packed yesterday's city council meeting. They want the council to okay the tunnel because they need the jobs. Jobs are good. Unions are good. I'm all for jobs and unions and union jobs. But according to the draft of the state's environmental impact study—released thanks to Dominic's records request—the tunnel isn't going to create many jobs:

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Jobs Aren’t the Reason: This will create 480 jobs, which isn’t a lot for the $3.1 billion the state is spending, says Moon. “So much for the 'jobs' argument,” she says. “Our tax dollars seem to be going toward multinational engineering firms, consultants, and lawyers.”

Billions spent to create fewer than 500 jobs. I'd be curious to know how many jobs would be created if we took down the viaduct, rebuilt and recreated the waterfront, and, oh, built light rail to Ballard and West Seattle instead of building a tunnel. Fewer union jobs? Just as many jobs? Lots more? I'd look it up myself but I'm going into a meeting, then recording a podcast, then doing some interviews for a feature, blah blah blah. And, besides, I'm allergic to real work. So let's mob source this.