This video introduction to the upcoming DC Universe Online Game has been making the rounds since San Diego Comic Con:

About this trailer, io9 says:

That's as epic a battle between dudes with capes as I've ever seen. Wonder Woman, especially, comes off like the hero no one's willing to make a feature film about. Makes you wonder why videogame cinematics can achieve a level of pure drama and sheer cool that movies rarely approach.

Now I don't want to be misinterpreted as an Ebert-style video-games-can't-be-art grump, but there's a reason why a comic book or a comic book movie can't equal the "cool" of a video game trailer or cut scene: They have to worry about a story. Most video game adaptations of comics* don't have to worry about things like characterization (the characters have been established by dozens of years of comics). When video game adaptations try to introduce new characters to the pre-established ones, the result is usually underwhelming.

The above clip might have a shit-ton of fan service, but it's not a story. It's a scenario. But if you were coming into this clip without any frame of reference, you couldn't tell anything about Superman as a character except for the fact that he sulks a lot, screams in a deep ragged voice, and punches things (which sounds more like the Hulk to me). A good Superman story is about doing what's right. A Superman video game trailer is about flying really fast, using different powers, and breaking shit. And that's fine, you know? But don't pretend that you could make a two hour movie out of this kind of teeth-baring, posing, and 'splosions.

* Again, because I know people on the internets get touchy about this sort of thing: I am not saying that video games in general have no story. I believe that video games are a storytelling medium. I'm directly addressing io9's claim here.