This is a reason to go to New York City: The late, great David Markson's collection of hardback books (he apparently disliked paperbacks) are mixed into the stacks of The Strand, available at normal used book prices right now. Many of these books include notes from Markson that provide some insight into his thoughts as a reader. For instance, someone bought his copy of White Noise:

he wrote some notes in the margin: a check mark by some passages, ‘no’ by other, ‘bullshit’ or ‘ugh get to the point’ by others. i wanted to call him up and tell him his notes are funny, but then i realized he DIED A MONTH AGO. bummer.

I wish Markson's relatives had donated his books to a college rather than selling them to a bookstore; I'd love the idea of a "Markson Reading Room" in some school library somewhere, a small annex where all the books had been read and annotated by the author.