Sierra Hansen, legislative aide to Councilmember Mike O'Brien (and colleague of the woman pictured above), sends over some tips from her boss on how Seattle residents can opt out of unwanted phone book delivery:

As we’re working on legislation to address this problem in the future, there are steps you can take now to get rid of unwanted phonebooks and voluntarily opt-out of future deliveries:

1. Dex is currently delivering books in Seattle — if you receive Dex books that you do not want, you can contact Kari Untereker at or 877-435-0012 to have Dex pick them up. Copy me on your emails to Dex at so that I can continue to track your responses to unwanted phonebooks.

2. To opt out of Dex phone books in the future, go online and follow the instructions at “Select your Dex

3. To opt-out of other yellow pages phone books, visit Superpages will be delivering this fall, so opt-out now to avoid these additional books.

Good luck!