You might think, based on all the demands from Dino Rossi's campaign that we type out every single relevant word he said today on ABC's Top Line, that there's something big for him to gain by having every single word out there.

As I already pointed out: Not really.

And, as his campaign now seems to be admitting, there actually may be more for Rossi to gain by omitting the core of what he said.

In an e-mail it just sent to political reporters titled "Dino Rossi on ABC News Top Line," and in a post on its web site titled the same, the Dino Rossi campaign has outlined every single relevant word they think their candidate said on the show this morning. Can you guess what words are not in either the Rossi e-mail or the Rossi web site posting?

These words: "I think we should."

As in:

So you repeal health care. Do you also repeal Wall Street reform?

I think, first off, we need to make sure we do no harm. What they did is create six super-banks and left the Fannie and Freddie, which were at the epicenter of the problem, out of the deal.

Yes, that’s a repeal?

I think we should.

You know the news cycle's not going your way when, in just over an hour, you switch from demanding that your candidate's every single word be transcribed to offering your own transcription—which ends up being significantly edited.