I know that taken individually, the idea of repealing health care reform, and the idea of repealing financial reform, each make some people happy.

But when you become the Republican Senate candidate who wants total repeal of both health care reform and financial reform—as Dino Rossi became today—I think you also start alarming a lot of other voters.

Start at 8:00 on this video and you'll see Rossi (speaking from the Capitol building in D.C., nice touch) hand his opponents an easy talking point:

Already, the Democratic National Committee is pouncing, offering this statement from spokesman Frank Benenati:

By promising today that he would support the repeal of Wall St. and Health Care reform, Dino Rossi made it very clear that he is more interested in helping his lobbyist and special interests friends than he is in helping the people of Washington and moving our nation forward. By offering his support of repealing these bills, Rossi seems to want to go back to the days when Wall St. ran roughshod over families resulting in the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, and allowing insurance companies to deny coverage to anyone they wish while driving up premiums and not investing in the care of patients. His statements today show that Dino Rossi is just another Republican—more concerned with going back to the status quo that benefited Wall St. and insurance companies than he is doing the work to help middle class Americans.

UPDATE: The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee looked into it, and believes that Rossi is the "first Senate candidate in [the] country" to take the Repeal & Repeal position. I have an e-mail in to Rossi's campaign seeking comment.