This Is Not An Appropriate Response, Guys: Congress is reacting to the Wikileaks scandal in the most tone-deaf, Nixonian way possible: rather than dealing with the information about war crimes, they're trying to figure out who squealed.

Taking a cue from the Obama White House, some top Democrats dubbed the decision to leak the documents “irresponsible” and a threat to American lives. Others called on the Pentagon to launch a major investigation and bring leakers to account.

Oddly, I Don't Trust the New Boss, Either: BP's new (American) head says he's going to fulfill BP's commitments in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, setting aside at least 32 billion for the cleanup.

We Will Defeat You: The EU is following America's lead in calling for tough sanctions against Iran.

How Un-Blair-Like of Him: Prime Minister Cameron takes his first steps into the Middle East, saying that Israel's blockage has turned the Gaza Strip into a "prison camp." He also calls for Turkey to help with the Iranian problem.

That's Real Adult of You: Serbian lawmakers have passed a resolution vowing never to recognize Kosovo.

It's Hard Out Here for a Racist: Dumb Nebraska town might have to suspend their dumb racist anti-illegal-immigrant law because the lawsuits are costing them too much money.

The Loyal Opposition: Obama blasts Republicans for fighting the campaign finance reform bill. Looks like moderate Mainer Susan Collins will not be supporting the bill.

Home Prices: Up 4.6% in May, but that number doesn't seem likely to last, experts say.

It's Almost as Though They Know How We'll Vote: Mayor McGinn says the City Council is trying to block a public vote on the tunnel. He'll be throwing a press conference today at 11.

Reckless Driver on Highway 99: After a police chase, a reckless driver killed an innocent man and seriously injured his passenger in Federal Way early this morning.

Local Sailor Missing: A West Seattle man could be a hostage of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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