Republican Clint Didier's campaign web site is saying there's one coming tomorrow at a town hall meeting featuring him and Paul Akers. I have no idea what this might be about—neither campaign is answering their phones, so I'm not even sure where this supposed town hall meeting is taking place. But, if I were to imagine what a really important announcement featuring these two characters might be, it would be this: Akers is dropping out and endorsing Didier.

UPDATE: Bob Lodder, campaign manager for Paul Akers, just called to tell me that his candidate is not dropping out.

After having a staffer pull up the Didier home page, Lodder said: “I could see how you might think that would be what that’s about. But that’s not the case. You heard it from Paul Akers’ campaign manager."

Lodder could not say where tomorrow's town hall meeting is taking place, or what the important announcement might be.