I had never heard of this before today, but the thirteenthers are an amazing new addition to anti-Obama crazies, following in the footsteps of the birthers. Iowa Republicans are trying to ratify the original 13th Amendment:

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The current 13th amendment bans slavery, and Iowa Republicans are not in favor of its repeal. They are, however, interested in reintroducing an amendment originally put before the states for ratification back in 1810. It outlawed any person who accepts a “title of nobility” from a foreign country from ever holding political office. The amendment was ratified by 12 states but never got the 13th state that it needed, and thus, never became law.

The idea being that, since Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, he would be ineligible to be President of the United States if this amendment ever passed. (Ronald Reagan was knighted, but that came after the presidency. And even if he was still in office, it would probably be okay with Iowa Republicans because, you know, Ronald Reagan.) How come Democrats didn't get this creative from 2000 to 2008? We just went to Michael Moore movies all the time.