As first reported here, and confirmed for me this morning by Sen. Patty Murray's re-election campaign, President Obama will be in Seattle on August 17 to talk about jobs and the economy.

While he's here, he'll also participate in a fundraiser for Murray—whose campaign spokesperson, Julie Edwards, tells me:

Patty Murray is excited to welcome the President to Washington State. Putting people back to work is her top priority. And this is an opportunity to show the President what's going on in the state and talk about job creation here.

There aren't very many Senate races in the country that get the president's personal attention. So it's a sign of both Murray's good relationship with the White House, and the seriousness with which national Democrats view Dino Rossi's challenge to Murray's re-election, that Obama will be here.

What else is happening on August 17? It's the last day to vote in this year's primary election, which means that in addition to helping Murray raise cash, Obama's visit—and the accompanying media attention—will act as one giant Democratic get-out-the-vote effort on her behalf.

Rossi's campaign, seeing all of this as an opportunity, wasted no time in turning the scheduled Obama visit into a fund raising pitch e-mailed to supporters a short time ago:

Patty Murray knows she is in trouble and she’s bringing President Obama to Washington state to campaign for her. Their agenda of spending, taxing, and growing government is hurting our economy, costing us jobs, and risking our future.

There are less than 24 hours before our July 28th filing deadline — and, together, we can show Senator Murray and President Obama the strength of campaign to change Washington, D.C. ...

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