Sure, Dems hate the filibuster now:

A pair of proposals to expedite the Senate’s voting procedures and eliminate filibusters landed before the chamber’s Rules Committee on Wednesday as part of an ongoing strategy by Democrats to keep pressure on Republicans.

One of the Senate’s newest members, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), introduced an idea to reduce a mandatory period of debate, eliminate filibusters on procedural motions, end secret holds and require Senators to speak in person on the chamber floor if they launch a filibuster. [...]

Democrats have been repeatedly frustrated by the GOP on a number of procedural motions during the current Congress, such as a procedural motion on a campaign-finance reform bill that was blocked on Tuesday. Current rules require 60 votes for successful procedural motions; the Disclose Act on Tuesday only received 57. Republicans are opposing efforts at filibuster reform in order to preserve their power as the Senate’s minority party and have argued that Democratic leaders won’t work with them on legislation.

Sometimes Dems like to filibuster, too.