Plane Crash: 152 dead, including two Americans, in a crash in Pakistan.

Nobody Even Got It a Card: The Deep Horizon Oil Spill is 100 days old today.

Plane Crash 2: Boeing profits way down due to airplane seat problems.

They Like Us! They Really Like Us! The U.S. says Pakistan's relationship with the U.S. is "much more nuanced than portrayed in the WikiLeaks reports."

Well, Thank God Pakistan's on Our Side, at Least: 25 dead in an Afghanistan bus blast.

Ch-Ching! In a heartwarming display of bipartisanship, the House signed off on a big old increase in spending for the Afghanistan war.

Missing Sailor Named: The West Seattle sailor who is missing in Afghanistan has been identified as Petty Officer 3rd Class Jarod Newlove

Their Reign of Terror Is Finally Over: Seattle looks to ban new houseboats.

But Will He Fundraise for Murray or for Didier? President Obama to visit Seattle in August.

Going Back to Cali: Wildfires force more than 2300 Californians to evacuate their homes.

How Will Bugs Bunny Defend Himself Against That Bull Now? Catalonia votes to outlaw bullfighting.

Next, They Should Fight Crime: Aretha Franklin and Condoleezza Rice join forces for a charity concert.

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