Poor, poor right-wing nutjobs. It seems that everywhere they go these days, they're being forced to tolerate other people who think or look different than them. It's just not fair, I tells ya.

A Texas bus driver has filed a lawsuit against his former employer, claiming he was fired for his religious beliefs after refusing to transport a client to a Planned Parenthood office, court documents showed Wednesday.

Edwin A. Graning worked for the Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS) near Austin, Texas, for less than a year before he was let go in January. At the time, he told his supervisor that, "in good conscience, he could not take someone to have an abortion," according to the lawsuit. Graning is an ordained Christian minister.

Level-headed business owners who live near this guy (if any) should just start refusing to serve him. "Sorry, Mr. Graning, but I can't in good conscience allow you to see this movie/order that burger/buy that shirt. It's against my religion." Blacklist him. Let's all start arbitrarily refusing to do our jobs for certain people, see how that works out.