Stop the Countdown to Insanity: A federal judge halted the more ridiculous parts of Arizona's racist anti-immigrant law before it even started. Now both sides are preparing for the legal battle.

This Probably Won't End Well: Obama takes on teacher's unions, insists on performance standards for teachers. (He also shared career ups and downs on The View today, but the less said of that, the better.)

Step 1: Wait for the Situation to Stop Fucking Itself Up Even Worse: Cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico will change as soon as the oil completely stops.

Bad News in Afghanistan: The West Seattle sailor who had been believed to have been taken captive by the Taliban was found dead

"We're Living in a Tale of Two Cities": Police Chief nominee John Diaz faced public testimony last night. Cienna reports on how that went.

Has Somebody Made "Free Range(l)" or "Rangel the Angel" T-Shirts Yet? Should Charlie Rangel be bounced from Congress for ethics violations?

Sick: A French mother has been charged with killing eight of her own newborn babies.

4 Airmen Dead: A cargo plane crash at an Air Force base in Alaska kills four.

This Is Your Fault: A Pennsylvania family is suing their local Catholic diocese. The Church stopped paying for the mental treatments of a man who had been abused by priests. The man killed himself after the treatments stopped.

Can't Hardly Wait: There will be an allegedly important announcement today at a Didier/Akers town hall meeting today. It's not about Akers dropping out.

I Can't Believe That Really Worked: The survivor of a Montana bear attack says she survived by playing dead.

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