This man will make you abstinent.
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  • This man will make you abstinent.

Despite the gaming industry's long history of failure at turning us into real-life murderers, space pilots, and Lego Star Wars people, researchers at University of Central Florida are hoping to use the medium to train preteen Latinas in the dark arts of abstinence. They're sparing no expense to make the game sound uniquely terrifying:

To make the game as realistic as possible, the avatars are controlled by the actions of a skilled “interactor” using motion-capture technology. The interactor remains hidden, often in a remote location, during game play.

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So they've got all the hilarious awkwardness of live roleplaying exercises coupled with the hypermediated anti-realism of educational videogames—plus a creepy scientist in a motion-capture suit hiding in a science closet. Something smells like abstinence!

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