• Steven Weissman
Did you read the I, Anonymous this week about the wedding that the bride and groom are charging people to attend? Here's the first half:


You used Papyrus as a font on your wedding invite. We can get past that. Asking for money instead of gifts so you can fund your honeymoon AND your fucking trip to Burning Man? It's tacky and obnoxious, but I'll let it slide. But charging for food, booze, and "carnival games"? Encouraging people to bring a guest... as long as the guest pays 20 bucks into a "wedding gift box" at the door?! The note encouraging photographer-friends to work for free and send you digital files was a nice touch. But this part's REALLY special: I found out that some people got a "ticket" with their invitation, entitling them to a wristband and a VIP area with free food. You have been going to shitty festivals for too long and you are confused...

Today, we got a letter to the editor from the bride. She writes (sic throughout, identifying details redacted):

To who it may concern,

This article is specifically about our wedding. I would cordially like to invite you to our wedding, by passing the “ridiculous” 20 door fee and have to be welcomed into our “tacky” vip room. I’m not sure how to handle the attack made our wedding by this person… with whom I’m pretty sure I know their disgust having not received an invite. I don’t feel the need to explain to you the editor the reasons why we are having a vip room for the older folks and friends that are helping us throw this event, but I would like to invite you to report on the performances and djs that are working for us that night. This even is a way to bring burning man and the likes to our family and friends who will never get the chance to go and experience the place where we fell in love.

I’m having a hard time focusing write now on writing this letter considering it is less then three weeks to my wedding and I just read the article. I am NOT a bridezilla nor is my groom. If you would like to contact me my cell phone number is [redacted]. I would just like the opportunity to explain, rather then walk around with this dark cloud over my head for the remainder of the time before the wedding.

Our wedding is at [place, date, and time redacted].

Thanks again
Sorry for this letter being all over the place.. once again.. I’m just shocked and baffled that we are being attacked like this

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Much thanks,
[name redacted]

The wedding is still a few weeks out, but The Stranger is taking the bride up on her offer and will be reporting back on the party—and the family drama, the VIP haves and have-nots, the performances and DJs—in an upcoming installment of Party Crasher.

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