Holy shit:

A Denver man gets paid to smoke pot and write about it as one of the first medical marijuana critics in the country.... According to one Harvard economist, roughly $18 billion is spent on pot every year in the U.S. Denver's Westword newspaper has capitalized on those numbers — hiring the man known as "William Breathes" to review pot dispensaries and the quality of the medical marijuana they sell.

"He has his journalism degree," a Westword editor said. "He was a good writer, and he could also punctuate and he could spell, which was very different than a lot of people who applied for the job." ...

As for Breathes, he's not going to lie. His job can definitely be fun sometimes, and he still can't get over that he gets paid to take bong hits.

Obviously, dude should be a food reviewer at night. Hit up four of five dinners in a row. (Via Toke of the Town.) Now I'm going back to my day off. It's time for a breakfast martini.