Seattle Times:

JERUSALEM — Israel moved Sunday to deport the offspring of hundreds of migrant workers, mostly small children who were born in Israel, speak Hebrew and have never seen their parents' native countries.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the new policy was intended to stem a flood of illegal workers, whose children receive state-funded education and health-care benefits, and to defend Israel's Jewish identity.
It's not that I believe that something as backward as defending one's cultural identity is at the root of this awful (inhuman) policy, but that a politician can actually say such things without at all a sense of shame or embarrassment. Nethanyahu comes from an educated family, and anyone who has read about the history of Islamic Spain with any depth cannot have missed the work of his father. And so to hear such nonsense coming out of his mouth is even more shameful. Indeed, in Islamic Spain, it was the poor and uneducated who were all about defending their identity; the rich, on the otherhand, were more attached to their money than their culture. In our age, the age of science and technology, we do not need money to be liberated from such superstitious things as cultural distinction and purity.