I'm a 23-year-old heterosexual male who resides in the Bay Area. About a month ago I was circumcised to treat my phimosis. As I wait for everything to heal, I realized that it would be the perfect opportunity for a fresh start in my sexual life. I've always been very kinky in my interests. Along with having a fetish for female feet, I'm also into domination, bondage, role-playing and gender role reversals (like the Lady Gaga video "Alejandro"). I have a desire to try these fantasies out.

My question is where can a newbie like me get started? I know that participants in lifestyles can sometimes be a little impatient with beginners. Is there a club or website that can set me in the right path? Thanks and keep up the great work!

Newbie Kinkster

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I don't get to refer people to coffee shops all that often—I've actually never referred someone to a coffee shop before—but seeing as you're in the Bay Area, NK, and seeing as you're looking to connect with the local kink community, I think you should drop into Wicked Grounds, San Francisco's "first and only kink cafe." It's a nice, chill place, with great coffee and tea, and I recommend the brown-butter poundcake. You'll find flyers and info about local groups, munches, parties, and workshops, and if you hang out there long enough to establish yourself as something of a regular, the folks who work there and other regulars are full of advice about getting involved in SF's large and intimidating-on-the-outside/soft-and-chewy-on-the-inside kink scene. Good luck!