On July 28, police arrived at an apartment on 18th Avenue to investigate a possible burglary after a man was awoken at 1:21 a.m. by someone pounding on his apartment's back sliding glass door. When he opened the door, another man walked in and refused to leave the apartment, according to the filed police report.

The report states that, "upon arriving on scene Officers meet with Victim. [He] walked officers to the bedroom were Suspect was standing. When Officer Okruhlica contacted [the suspect] he immediately tried to close the bedroom [door] in the officer's face." The officers noted that the suspect appeared to be intoxicated, and was yelling incoherent statements at them through the bedroom door. When the officers breached the door, the suspect "told officers that he lived there but was not able to tell how long he resided in the apartment nor he was able to show that he had property inside the apartment," states the report. Furthermore, "the suspect was not in the lease and was not receiving mail."

The victim knew the suspect from when he worked downtown, years ago. When he asked the suspect to leave, the suspect allegedly responded that he was going to come back one day and kill everybody, according to the report. The victim said that "he feared for his life" because the suspect "will carry the threats." However, the victim also stated that he hadn't been injured and no items in his house had been taken.

Nonetheless, the suspect was placed under arrest for investigation of harassment and investigation of burglary.