*I forgot. I am sorry.

Outside Victrola Right Now: Some dude is getting arrested.

"We are here to help you stand tall again [even though your legs blew up in that war we started]": Obama speaks to Disabled American Veterans.

You Are Kidding Me. Lady Gaga tells Vanity Fair that she uses "'mostly cocaine' because she's 'terrified of heroin.'"

Could You Keep the Words "Shove" and "Perhaps" Out of Your Official Plan to Save the Ocean? Engineers prepare to "shove mud and perhaps cement into the blown-out oil well at the seafloor."

I'm Not Here to Make Friends. Democrats and Republicans are both here to win.

BBBBBBBPPPPPPPPPPRRRRRRREEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fucking Blue Angels are happening.

Sad. Local musical conductor killed in car crash near Winthrop.

Next Could You Do Something About this Plague of Frogs? Seattle scientist works to eradicate leprosy.

Even His Weird Back-Pedaling Is Hot: Tom Hardy, My Boyfriend™, claims his "I totally like to kiss and snuggle with other dudes" comments were taken out of context.

National Brotherhood Week: