Watched Inception yesterday and left kind of disappointed. All the weird rules and math and logic imposed on the film's dream warrior-ing made dreaming seem way more clinical than dreaming actually feels like; for all the effects, I'd still take Michel Gondry's low-budget sleep sequences any day; and I was hoping for more sneaking around and subterfuge and less gunfire/explosions/action movie stuff. (Also, none of these men are my boyfriends.) Also, who doesn't realize they're dreaming and immediately start flying? Duh, that is like the first thing you ever do ever when you're lucid dreaming.

But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to talk about what happens just after the movie ends (no spoilers), in the first second of silence after the sound cuts out and the screen goes black. Someone in the theater, in a mightily frustrated voice, goes, "ohhh", possibly with an audible tongue-clucking sound. A friend who was watching it with me yesterday and had seen the film three times already told me that some variation of this has happened in every theater she's seen it in, including someone just bursting out, "what?!" (Not that you don't see it coming or anything.)