The big story in Canada:

MONTREAL — A 45-second YouTube video showing two niqab-wearing women boarding an Air Canada flight without showing their faces at Montreal’s Trudeau airport is creating a buzz on the Internet.

And it has elicited a strongly worded statement from the Canadian government.

“The situation is deeply disturbing and poses a serious threat to the security of the air travelling public,” Federal Transport Minister John Baird said in a statement issued Sunday.

He has instructed his department to look into the matter and report back.

The video:

My thought about all of this? Two words: Shirley Sherrod. One thing that that mess taught us is how badly YouTube can be abused. 45 seconds of a video is no longer enough; we want to see the whole video or another video. Nor do we want just commentaries on this one and only video. We have to wait and see more. Wait and only judge after we have seen more.