But... the poll, by Public Policy Polling, comes with a +/-2.8 percent margin of error and shows 5 percent of voters still undecided in a head-to-head contest between incumbent Democrat Patty Murray and Republican challenger Dino Rossi.

In other words, even though the poll found her beating him 49-46 right now, it's still a very close race that could be decided by a small swing in undecideds as November approaches.

What about a poll that looks more like the Aug. 17 primary ballot is going to look? Well, PPP ran that one too:

Patty Murray (D): 47
Dino Rossi (R): 33
Clint Didier (R): 10
Paul Akers (R): 4
Undecided: 6

This is only the latest poll to show that Didier, despite his enjoyable pictures and clear yard-sign dominance in rural Washington, is very unlikely to make it through the primary.