Click to Enlarge This Thing So Huge Youll Never Feel Clean Again
  • Click to Enlarge This Thing So Huge You'll Never Feel Clean Again
A few days ago, a comic book called Tea Party Comix started showing up on the internet. The comic was made up of imaginary covers showing racist depictions of President Obama fighting super-heroes (most, if not all of them are parodies of pre-existing covers, with Obama replacing the super-villain). Prominent Tea Party activists proclaimed that the horrible comics were obviously made by Democrats in an effort to make Tea Partiers look bad:

Shelby Blakely, executive director of the Tea Party Patriots' official online publication Patriot Journal said fakery in the comics was obvious.

"It's a plant and a bad one at that," she told me. "The truth is in the details."
"I know many people involved with this movement," said. "They are all too busy to waste time on 120 pages of unproductive doodling."

Not so! The creator of Tea Party Comix has broken his silence, and he is not at all sure what the fuss is about!

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...somehow, ANY negative drawing of Presient Obama is automatically "racist"... Be honest with yourself, if it is possible. ....Think. And maybe admit that you have an advantage that you are taking advantage OF..... In Tea Party Comix #1 there is a strip in which a person handing out Tea Party Comix #1 has an ALAN KEYES tee-shirt... Did you upload THAT strip??
The undergrounds of the sixties WERE "allowed". Apparently "Tea Party Comix" are NOT allowed.... To any reasonable man, well, this miight give him something to think about, about how far we have "come"..... Is it truely a BETTER world?? You tell ME!

The world has gone topsy-turvy when a Tea Partier claims Robert Crumb as a forefather. Ethan Persoff, who is doing a fine job covering this story, points out that the Alan Keyes cartoon happens to be on a page directly facing a page featuring "O-Bama Lord of the Jungle," which is perhaps not the best counterargument to charges of racism.

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